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Payroll Integrations

Here at Peoplebank we understand the importance of being able to have a full end to end process from creating your advert, through to interviewing, and then offering and hiring your candidates.

We offer a full and comprehensive integration to a host of payroll companies, sourcing all information from the Payroll Provider to ensure the integration goes smoothly.

So, how does it all work...

Pain-free Paperwork for New Hires

After the joy of finding the perfect new hire you then face the plethora of information that needs to be collected, entered and then verified! Sound familiar?!

This administrative headache is no longer an issue thanks to Peoplebank's custom On-Boarding module that extends your Candidate Portal.

It requests specific information from your new employee, collates it and exports it through to your Payroll and/or HR system.

Candidates can be asked to provide their bank details through a secure web interface, seamlessly branded as part of your candidate portal of course, that are then sent directly to your Payroll system.

It is then imported, whilst alerting the Payroll team that this has happened. All with exactly zero time needed from you. Sound good?!

The most impressive aspect to our On-Boarding module is that it is completely custom designed to your hiring and new starter procedure.

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